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Kleine Flamme

A firework for your senses

At the gourmet restaurant “Kleine Flamme” in Sterzing guests will embark on a culinary voyage, which will take them far beyond national boundaries. With the petite but fine restaurant in Sterzing and the well-stocked private wine cellar, the star chef Burkhard Bacher and his wife Annelies have been able to fulfil their dream of a lifetime. The exquisite creations served in the “Kleine Flamme” show culinary arts at the highest level and inspire guests, colleagues and restaurant critics.

Burkhard Bacher
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Innovative Cuisine in the Restaurant

Whether Italian, Thai, Japanese or French – Burkhard Bacher feels at home in all kitchens, and is able like no other to blend these influences into culinary pieces of art. He is the only chef in Italy, who masterfully manages to combine the Mediterranean cooking philosophy with the latest kitchen technologies. The guests of the “Kleine Flamme” in the heart of the town of Sterzing will be enchanted anew every day and can enjoy a gastronomic concept, which is impeccable in every detail.

Gourmet Restaurant

In the restaurant guide “Gault Millau”, the personalized global cuisine by Burkhard Bacher was also awarded with three chef’s hats. The excellent and creative cuisine, the lovingly decorated restaurant, the well-stocked wine cellar and the impeccable service create a package that is unique in Italy.

Selection "Kleine Flamme"

From our menu

Cold Appetizers

Carpaccio of tiger prawns

marinated “Venere-Rice” roasted curcuma melon – lemongrass

Salmone scozzese marinato con tè nero e verde di finocchio

insalatina di erbe – maionese piccante alla senape – riso verde croccante

Caramelized goose liver roll

rosemary-appel – parsley-sultana-bread – cranberry-chili-jelly

Warm Appetizers

Paccheri pasta – oxtail – polenta

Parmesan cheese cream – soy tomatoes

Saffron – Chili-Risotto

mackerel – marinated sea lettuce

Soft potatoes – octopus

eggplant – coconut cream – coffee oil

Main Dishes

Tuna – Tataki

bitter salads – lard – oil of salted lemon

Lightly smoked Char

small herb pasta – clams – sweet and spiced courgette

Roasted Duck breast

spice pineapple – carrots-wasabi cream – black potatoes

Roast rack of lamb

Alpine curry – cauliflower – salted Sicilian almonds


Lime and ginger creme brulé

Marsala savojardi – Oriental ice cream

“Black & White” from the apple

Szechuanpeppermint-core – cocoa oil – smoked cinnamon-milkrice-cream

Toasted mint brioche

marinated cherries – cioccolate – jasmin tea cream - vanilla ice cream

Orange – Mango – green chili

Cointreau-thyme caramel – chocolate ice cream

Here you're in the right place

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Restaurant with Wine Cellar and Herb Garden

An old saying goes: “Bread and wine also make a soup.” In the gourmet restaurant of Burkhard Bacher this wisdom is refined a hundred times. Each delicious course in the beautiful restaurant in Sterzing is complemented by a fine wine from the large selection of superb wines! During the warm seasons, guests can choose to sit in the picturesque herb garden of the “Kleine Flamme” – the cosy ambience and the enthralling fragrance of the herbs will perfectly emphasize an evening of sensory delights.


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